Thursday, August 21, 2014

Better You with 90/90/1

Recently I ran across this article on lifehacker and thought I'd share it. When developing new habits, we are often told you have to perform the new "habit" everyday for 21 days. Robin Sharma says you can turn your passion projects into habits by using what he calls the 90/90/1 rule (read more on his blog here.)

As I work on my new book, I shudder when I think about taking 90 days to write it. I do however want to turn writing EVERYDAY into a major habit for me. Writing everyday is a struggle for me, as you can tell this blog doesn't get updated nearly as often as I would like.

So here it goes, let make a plan together to take the next 90 days, for 90 minutes a days and work on one specific focused task. Maybe three months from now we'll all have a new habit that will make us Better.

Here are a few iPhone apps to help you along.

30/30 - Binary Hammer
Pomodoro Timer - Nasa Trained Monkeys
Focus Time - Peer Assembly